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Clear Mind Meditation Techniques

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My name is Lloyd, and I'm the creator of This site is a way for me to actively explore, and explain, everything I've come across in my search for understanding. In the end, the site is not 'about me' in the least. Instead, my hope is that this site will be about you, and about the knowledge we can share with each other.

I've dedicated this site to providing practical meditation and mental training techniques. Using these methods we can better understand the nature of our minds, and use this knowledge to create a sound philosophical foundation. This site is not only about my personal pursuit of understanding; but rather, how the tools provided here can help change paradigms, and allow us to live with more mental freedom. It comes down to how I can help each and every one of my site visitors achieve a state of clear minded awareness.


I'm certain that I'm not much different from many of you reading this site. We all seem to be innately drawn to the big questions of life. Wondering about what happens when we die, along with how and why we are here in the first place, may be common to us all. I've personally been interested in these questions for a long time. To make an attempt at answering these uncertainties, I found myself inadvertently practicing meditation and creative visualization at a young age. Perhaps it began with a simple question I posed one evening before going to sleep; "How long can I completely clear my mind, going without a single thought?". Needless to say, it wasn't very long at the time, but I had discovered meditation without even realizing it.

My interest in meditation, as well as the philosophy behind it, would grow over the years. The initial mental experiment was the first step on a long journey. Since that initial experiment I've gone on to learn a variety of mental training techniques.


What I eventually learned through these methods affected every area of my life.


Meditation is not just about stress management, or developing concentration. It IS about awareness. When you meditate, you are becoming aware of what it means to live consciously. You understand your own thought processes in a completely new way. To know yourself fully, is what I believe to be, the true purpose of meditation.

The time I committed to learning these concepts changed my life in a profound way. For me, this understanding of human nature can no longer be separated from my sense of self.

I'm certain that studying these meditation practices will help bring joy into your life. When you are fully aware of the thoughts that cause emotional distress, you can take action to remove them from your thought patterns. Through this process you will move away from fear and anger, towards love and happiness. I sincerely hope the best for you on this journey for realization; which we are all a part of.

There are many ways to begin exploring this site. I've organized the site into major sections to make it convenient to study. Please subscribe to the RSS feed to receive updates on new content.

Meditation techniques

Mental training techniques

Please let me know how I can help you with your meditation and mental training. The site is updated regularly and there are plans to incorporate blog articles, as well as an e-zine. Contact me if you would like to see a particular topic explored. I do my best to accommodate all requests.


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