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Clear Mind Meditation Techniques

Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection

This section will cover advanced topics of interest. For the student of meditation, it may come as no surprise that human beings exist as more than just their physical bodies. Topics such as astral projection, remote viewing and other out of body experiences, are relevant to exploring our internal energy systems. Lucid dreaming is relevant to exploring hidden aspects of our mind.Tibetan culture sometimes practice dream meditation so that they may dissolve these previously hidden parts of mind also. This is a practice taken up so that the meditator can attain true enlightenment.

It is not necessary or reasonable to expect that every person who uses meditation as a tool will want to get to such a level. Often though we can use our knowledge of Lucid dreaming to conquer our fears and explore our mind in a safe environment.

In Lucid dreaming we can confront our boss, or train aspects of our habitual patterns without disrupting our normal day to day life. It is an incredible facet of our psychology which will add more fullness and freedom to your world.

Astral Projection, also known as an Out of body experience can be a tool to explore elements of our belief system and world view. For several years of my life I questioned what it meant to be a spiritual being. I often thought that there was no evidence for non-physical being and the existence of GOD was not a logical belief.

While I still have not determined what my beliefs are in that matter, my concepts of relating to a higher consciousness has expanded. I would not dismiss the concept of GOD as readily, however, if there was a concept of such a being I were to accept; it would have to be as an evolutionary being of which I was a part of.

Understanding ideas like this take time and practice. This is why I have dedicated my time to creating this site. I want people to be able to explore these ideas in a way which is not affiliated with any particular belief system, and therefore imposes no limitations. I only hope to provide an alternate perspective, and offer some tools to exploring our shared reality.

Best wishes and happy exploring