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Clear Mind Meditation Techniques

Increasing Happiness - Gratefulness and Hope

Often in life we look around ourselves and wonder why we constantly feel a sense of lacking. We have expectations of ourselves and those around us, which don't always meet up to our ideals. Our dissatisfaction does not come from these circumstances however. If we look deep within, or even just our present actions, there we can find the source.

When I speak of dissatisfaction within, it is exactly that. It is only our own judgement of circumstances which cause these feelings. Practicing meditation and simplicity in our lives is one way we can begin to meet life at a happy medium.

When we begin to see things as they are, then we can begin to take positive action. The ability to work towards a worthwhile goal is one of the ways we can increase satisfaction in our lives. We are most definitely aware of this.

If we know with certainty that our goals will be achieved. Aren't we happy then? Don't we get a sense of excitement surrounding an upcoming event we are looking forward to. Well what happens then, when life gets stale? We've all experienced these periods. When life just seems to lump every bit of bad luck into one week, or month, or year.

It is those periods in life when we are truly tested, and our greatest lessons are learned. So it is important to look at these periods as such. Only by framing these experiences in a positive light will we begin to look past them while at the same time being grateful for them.

Happiness is increased to the greatest extent when we appreciate what we have now, and we tend to our current circumstances in a postive manner. Of course this take time to cultivate, so please check back for upcoming exercises to help you get the most out of your day!