Interview – Rich West, OBE Practitioner and Coach – Part 2

Welcome back! We continue our interview, in this second part, with OBE practitioner and Coach, Rich West. In Part 1 of the interview we learned more about OBE’s. In this second installment, we will be discussing the topic of extra-dimensional beings. To get a better idea of what’s possible within our reality, please enjoy this fascinating account of events.

Lloyd:Have you had encounters with extra-dimensional beings? If so, are there any encounters which stand out in your mind?

Rich: To me the term ‘extra-dimensional being’, means a being (human or otherwise), encountered in a dimension other than this physical plane of existence we call earth.

With that said – Yes, I have encountered probably over 100. Some alien, demon-like, but mostly human. Mostly nice people. Mostly young and good looking (college aged) – and hardly ever the ‘old sage’ type. I encounter the human types mostly in neighborhoods, towns and cities, in the higher planes. Sometimes I’ll be on their space craft.

There are several encounters that stand out in my mind.

All of these experiences gave me great insight and a better understanding of how things are in the greater reality, the higher planes, and the Multiverse we are all a part of.

1. The Ever-So Loving Young Woman – who came to me when I had asked to know Love.

Wow, so that’s what love is.

2. The 3 short Grey Aliens in my bedroom – when I had been asking for contact.

I forgot to specify that I wanted contact with the kind benevolent ones. Oops!

3. The beautiful dancing girl in the theatrical play – who interacted with me in the audience.

She was elaborately costumed as a beautiful green vine, and she danced and weaved gracefully through the audience along with other dancers. When she came to me she sat on my lap and ‘wound her vines lovingly around me’. She telepathically or empathically shared a message of love.

4. The 3 Human Star Travelers – who, from their space craft far from here, where showing me the Earth on a star map. They showed me that they weren’t going to allow the evil aspect of Humanity to spread like a virus throughout the galaxy.

5. The 3 Inter-dimensional Portal Technicians of the Guild- who I met soon after stepping out of a stargate portal.

It was a small portal, hidden in a hospital. It was sitting behind a curtain in an x-ray room. The x-ray technician was his cover – in fact the guy there was sort of gate guard, watching who came through. Authorized personnel only – I suppose.

6. The little old man (almost gnome like) – who invited me on board his spacecraft.

White hair, white beard. Leaning against a fence (like, maybe we were in the astral plane). He said to me “We are here to see you Rich”. No-one before this had ever called me by my Earth-physical name – while I was out of body. So it really got my attention.

7. The 2 young ladies on the veranda – who let me have a drink of water.

I was flying over the green grassy fields and came upon a huge brick structure – like a fancy mall. On a veranda sitting at a table in the sun were two cute girls. I floated over to them and landed. They didn’t seem at all surprised. They were friendly. I said “Hi” as I saw a glass on the table with water in it. It just occurred to me that I could maybe see what ‘non-physical’ water tasted like, or if I could even taste it.

8. The dark yellowy-green demon entity with the pointy teeth and wicked smile – who was trying to scare me back to physical consciousness.

On one of my first few times getting out, this little guy showed up. I believe he was intentionally trying to scare me back into physical consciousness.

9. The Star-Traveling Aliens in their huge space craft – who were taking captured people (who had apparently died) to a containment facility somewhere in space.

This is where it became real to me that there are unsavory aliens out there that prey on humans (of this earth or from some other planet? I don’t know). These aliens were grabbing people up after they’d died. The people had no clue that they could consciousness shift out of there confinements, so they were affected by the unsavory alien entities.

10. The 2 ‘transition techies’ (a guy and a girl).

They were like old friends when I popped in on them. They lived and worked together in this sort of ‘astral space station’ place, with lots of computers and advanced hardware. Their job was helping people on the planet below (not earth) make the transition safely from their physical life to the higher realms. Another very educational experience.

11. The people of the naive town in some unknown other-world – who didn’t understand lying.

This ‘hamlet’, tucked away in a valley between two huge mountain ranges, new nothing of lies or lying. I don’t remember the details right now – but while there, someone asked me something and I lied (That’s probably why I can’t remember – not my best show in the higher planes). Later I felt I should’ve come clean and told them the truth of the matter (whatever it might have been). Well they were absolutely confused, and messed up in the head about it.

12. The woman I met on a sidewalk in another world – who looked at me with such great compassion and said “Oh, I’m so sorry”, when I told her I was from the physical world.

I said something along the lines of “Hi, I’m from the physical plane. Ever hear of it?”. The girl, looked at me with compassion and a warm heart and said “Oh, I’m so sorry” (Kind of like. Hi, Ive been tortured 16 times, and I’m deliriously insane. Ever been there?).

A lot of (if not all) communication is telepathic “over there”. You often get a lot of meaning in a short burst. I got that she knew of it alright. She had never been there, and had no intention of ever going. I even got that she thought of it as a place that traps and degrades the spirit. Very interesting response from her.

13. The jailers I met as I woke up in a 2 bit Mayberry RFD alternate reality kind of jail-house – they intended to book me (along with the others I was in line with) for trying to get out of our respective primary planes of existence. Oops, busted!

I got the distinct impression, during this wide awake other world experience, that there are places like this which are set up by beings who literally police the dimensions. Intending to keep the uninvited from ‘crashing the party’.

14. The Tall Grey Aliens on their space craft with the 2 small hybrids – half human – half greys.

This was short and sweet. There I was, looking at them, going There was no animosity there. A kind of ‘no emotion’ benevolence thing. I could deal with it while out of body sure – but put me in that ship in the physical form and I’d probably get a little weird on you – if ya know what I mean.

15. My cousin (and best buddy when I was a kid) – who crossed over some years ago.

Met him in a little room over a garage in a meager neighborhood in ‘the astral’. He was comfortable there. He was getting over a hard life in the physical, one involving drugs and family issues.

16. My mother when she was young and happy.

That was refreshing. The mother I never knew. But there she was, in the astral, relieved of all the pain and worry of a physical life.

17. One of My True Loves at her home in some other world.

Her name was Si ‘Vone. She was expecting me too. She was sitting on the carpeted floor, propped up against the door jam, phone in hand, laughing and talking to a friend. When she saw me walking down the hall toward her she said, “Oh! I gotta go, bye!”, then she hangs up and looks up at me – love in her every expression, so very happy to see me. I just knew her name somehow. I hadn’t known it before this experience though – not consciously.

18.The little girl – who asked me if I was a ghost. When I said “yes – kinda”, she asked me if I knew her Daddy.

I walk toward her slowly. She sees me and I say “Hi”, and I bend down on one knee with her. She’s not over excited about seeing me, like her big brother was moments before. That’s good. She asks me if I am a ghost. I say, “Kinda, but not really” (or something like that). Then she asks me if I know her Daddy. Ah, poor thing. It came to me telepathically (like it does so often while out of body). She lost her Daddy, and because I was a ghost – sort of, and her Daddy was too – sort of, well, had I seen him, did I know him, and how’s he doing? It really touched my heart. But I had to tell her no, I didn’t know her Daddy. Then I shifted back to the physical. Glad I didn’t tell a little fib – last time I did that it was a disaster. I came away from the experience believing that even in other planes, dimensions, worlds and realities, they sometimes do there, like we do it here. We live a little then go to another place – hopefully better, and hopefully the wiser. The ones we leave behind miss us, just like here.

So in answer to the question: “Have you had encounters with extra-dimensional beings? If so are they any encounters which stand out in your mind?”

This is my answer. These are the ones that stand out. Thanks for asking. No one has ever asked me that before, and as you can see, I have a lot to say about it. Hope you didn’t mind the long answers.

Lloyd: No, not at all. If there were more time available, I’d probably ask for more detail actually! :) It was worth every second to learn from your encounters. I’m sure that this information will be invaluable to anyone learning to consciousness shift.

In Part 3 of the interview, we will conclude with a discussion on spirituality. Join us in Part 3 to learn about valuable resources you can use to learn more about consciousness shifting.

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