Interview – Rich West, OBE Practitioner and Coach – Part 3

Thanks for joining us for the conclusion of our interview with OBE Coach, Rich West. So far we’ve explored the ideas of freedom in consciousness, as well as the greater system of reality. In this part we discuss resources available to study consciousness shifting.

Lloyd: What resources would you recommend to those who are having trouble accomplishing their first OBE?

Rich: I recommend reading Robert Monroe’s “Journeys Out of Body” and using his audio sets. His hemispherical synchronization programs really helped me a lot. His book got me on track as well. I used the techniques in that book to get my first ‘on purpose’ oobe.

A great resource on the net is: “”.

Everything you can learn about having lucid dreams you can apply to having an oobe. They have great material there, and a great forum, with lots of people who are interested in helping others have lucid dreams. If you can get to the point, where you can have lucid dreams (and remember them and record them) on a fairly regular basis, then you can ‘level up’ to oobe’s from there.

Lloyd: Your videos provide a great deal of information to those interested in learning about OBE’s. Is there any particular video which you would recommend to those getting started?

Rich: Not really. They are just a collection of little videos I made on the oobe subject with no real organization. I’d just get in the mood to talk about it and make a video. I am thinking about making another set of ‘oobe’ videos, specifically for people just getting started.

Something light and fun, something enjoyable to watch, but with good, solid basic info. on the subject. Something for people trying to figure out what to do so they can ‘get out’ more, better and faster. Maybe even a FAQs video on the out-of-body experience. We’ll see.

Lloyd: Why do you think most people seem reluctant to exploring (this aspect of) their spiritual nature, when clearly the knowledge is out there for them to do so?

Rich: Several reasons (I think).

1. There are so many problems in this world that many people don’t have any free attention for their spiritual growth and development. They are working (or worrying) real hard about life and trying to survive well in the mundane world, and it simply leaves no room, time or interest for their spiritual nature.

2. Some people are simply not interested. Their interest is on other things and these other things are more important to them. But these folks aren’t actually reluctant – just not interested.

3. I think some people are reluctant because of what they have been told or taught over the years as regards the subject. We get told or taught things by parents, teachers, religious leaders, books, movies, the press, mass media, etc.

A lot of people are reluctant to explore their spiritual nature because they have been taught that this is NOT what you do.

You believe in God, you follow your church’s doctrines and teachings, you do what you are supposed to do and all will be well spiritually. Like, “what’s to explore?”

So it’s the teachings of our society regarding this subject that will cause a certain degree of reluctance to explore one’s spiritual nature.

Some people don’t question the authority of their church, and if their church doesn’t encourage them to explore their spiritual nature outside the bounds of their own religious teachings, then most people (of any particular religion will not).

Free thinkers, philosophers, adventurers, and explorers searching for truth are more apt, in my opinion, to be open and less reluctant to explore their spiritual nature.

Lloyd: Is it a case of religion clouding how we view spiritual practices?

Rich: In some cases, yes, I think so.

Thanks for the interview Lloyd, I enjoyed it very much.

Lloyd: It’s been my pleasure and privilege to pose these questions to you. I look forward to sharing this with others, so that we might all grow from your knowledge.

I’ve certainly learned a great deal throughout this interview. I hope that all of you readers and potential explorers have found this as insightful as I did. For more information related to the Out-of-Body experience, I’ve collected related resources which will provide a great starting point. I wish you happiness and knowledge in all of your journeys.


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