Mind Exercises and Neuroplasticity

The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. – William James

Our highly-evolved brains are fantastic gifts given to us by nature. The development of advanced regions of the brain granted us incredible potential. We have the ability to change patterns of thought and actually rewire the brain. Mental exercises can help you develop logical and creative thinking skills – leading to unconventional thinking and a more creative outlook.

Research shows that our brains grow and change according to life experiences. These changes are not just about incorporating new knowledge. Changes occur at the physical level and actually rewire neural networks. This process – called neuroplasticity – makes the brain highly adaptable. When you engage in mental training it’s similar to a physical workout and has numerous benefits.

Find the best mind exercises here:

  1. Brain Training with Dual N-back: This article describes an exercise called the Dual N-back task. It’s a brain training task that can be played in your browser or downloaded to your hard drive for free. Its primary action is an increase in working memory that translates to an improvement in fluid intelligence.

  2. Super Brain Yoga: This unique physical exercise is a practice that improves blood flow and cross hemisphere communication in the brain. This 5 minute exercise will give you a quick energy boost to focus your mind.

  3. Activating the Amygdala: Stimulating the amygdala with regular practice can help you enter a psychological state of flow. This article will teach you how to activate the amygdala with some fun creative exercises.

Get the most out of your visualization practice:

  1. Visualization Exercise for Success: This article helps build the foundation for using visualization to achieve success. It discusses the role of the self-image in achievement and how to use visualization to improve self-image.

  2. Tips for Effective Visualization: This article details effective practices for visualizing success. Learn to get clarity in your visualization practice and understand the distinction between practical visualization and simply daydreaming.

  3. Improving Mental Imagery with Concentration: Improving concentration is the single easiest way to improve your mental imagery. When you allow your mind to focus without interruption you’ll find that it naturally creates vivid scenarios. It can happen with ease once you allow the mind to do so. Tips for improving your concentration are covered here.

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