5 Websites with FREE Online Brain Training Games

Cognitive Fun

This has been my go-to site for a while now. They have an excellent variety of brain training exercises. They have everything from speed training to working memory and even some experimental type games. The site is divided into sections, depending on what type of brain exercise you want to do. It’s easy to navigate and the games run quickly in the browser.

They also provide an excellent breakdown of brain training stats. It includes your scores on each game so that you can easily see where you can improve. The graphic profile widget allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

Overall, it’s my favorite site.

Cambridge Brain Sciences

I recently discovered this site and it is a close challenge for my favorite brain training website. It does a lot of things well, but the tasks seem geared towards testing rather than training. Still though, with repetition comes improvement. And I have seen a nice improvement in some areas after only playing the games a few times.

It is very well designed and it also tracks statistics. After you complete a session your results are immediately compared with others who have taken the tests. You can quickly see your improvement over time and where you stand compared to the rest of the population.


NeuroNation is a well implemented brain training site with a unique training system. NeuroNation offers 5 or 10 minute training sessions with the option to customize. If you choose the 5 or 10 minute session NeuroNation uses your profile information to generate a selection of training tasks. This makes it easy to start training without having to manage your sessions. If you want to customize your training sessions, you can choose from a nice variety of training tasks.

This is a great site if you are just getting started with brain training. It’s also good if you prefer a quick start without having to worry about managing your training. The NeuroNation profile and tracking system make sure you are focusing on areas that need to be developed.

Memory Improvement Tips – Brain Games

If you want a large variety of fun brain training games, this is the site for you. When I first discovered the site I got a kick out of playing the “Spider-Man Web of Words” game (designed to improve verbal fluency). Some brain training games can become tedious, but I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to reach the next level. There is a great selection of graphic based brain training games on the site, and you can tell the site owner took care to choose games that are worthwhile.

Memory-Improvement-Tips.com also has excellent articles about mnemonic techniques and various methods to improve your memory. The tips provided there are useful for maintaining mental fitness. If you want to develop a sharp memory then this is the site I recommend visiting.

Play With Your Mind

The “Play With Your Mind” site also offers a good variety of games. If you cannot find what you are looking for anywhere else, then chances are you’ll find it here. Even though you cannot create a profile or track your stats the site makes up for it by having so many brain training games.

They offer word games, logic games, typing games, math games and more. Along with games they also offer interesting brain fitness tips and news. The Play With Your Mind site is definitely worth a visit for any brain training enthusiast.

Space Mines Patrol

Space Mines Patrol is a challenging game that provides a quick working memory exercise. It automatically adjusts to your skill level so it’s challenging every time you play. It takes less than 10 minutes to play, so I usually play it in the morning to wake up my brain a bit.

Hint: After you learn the rules for Space Mines Patrol you can just press “escape” to skip through the dialogue when you play again.

Cranium Crunches

This site is excellent. It has some great brain training games, good links/resources, and an interesting blog. Most of their games are visual and processing speed training, which makes it different from some of the other sites. It’s definitely worth a visit, please check it out and have fun!

Have fun!

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