Brain training exercises – Super Brain Yoga

How would you like to sync both hemispheres in your brain with one quick and simple exercise? In this article I will show you precisely how to accomplish this.

This simple exercise has been called SuperBrain Yoga. Its easy, and can be done for 5 minutes in the morning, to supercharge your brain.

The effect of this exercise is that both your right and left hemisphere are activated. At the same time the hemispheres sync so that your mind is acting in unison. You will notice mental clarity and focus after only a short period of practice.

Here are the simple steps to completing the SuperBrain Yoga exercise.

  1. Stand up straight with your hands to your side and feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Take your left hand and with your thumb and index finger grab your right earlobe.
  3. Now take your right hand, in the same way grab your left earlobe.
  4. Your arms should now be crossed in front of your chest.
  5. Now you are going to perform a leg squat by bending at the knees.
  6. As you squat down with your hands still crossed, grasping your earlobes, inhale.
  7. As you stand back up, exhale.
  8. Repeat this breathing pattern, and continue to do squats for about 5 minutes.

The following video is a special news report which covers the effectiveness of the SuperBrain Yoga exercise. The report describes brain imaging which has been conducted after using the exercise. The research also includes interviews from instructors about the positive results of using this exercise with challenged students.

In the video you will also see a demonstration of the SuperBrain Yoga exercise, if you would like to follow along.

If you use the exercise and notice a nice mental boost, then you may be interested in purchasing the book (SuperBrain Yoga ) which describes the exercise in detail. In the book you will find detailed illustrations of the exercise, along with a description of the acupuncture points involved.

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