Using Hypnosis to Improve Creative Visualization Skills

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To engage in effective creative visualization practice be confident in your skill.

Reaching a level of visualization skill that will help you achieve your goals takes time. The most common difficulty that I hear from practitioners, is that it’s not easy to create clear mental images. That’s a large hurdle to leap, but it’s worth working on if you want to use mental rehearsal effectively.

There are many ways to go about developing your visualization skills. Many of these can be difficult if you’re having trouble creating mental images, which is why I’m sharing an easier method in this article.

The first solution is to simply practice. Spend time every day focused on your visualization. As long as you’ve read the right material and know how to recall specific imagery, then your skill should improve. Visualization exercises are always recommended. For that reason I have written various articles providing some of my favorite methods of improving mental imagery through practice.

Sometimes though, you might feel as if you’re starting from nothing. That even if you practice, you simply don’t get it and aren’t seeing improvement. That can be frustrating. If you’ve spent time reading and learning about creative visualization, but can’t use it, it could make you want to quit.

Don’t quit though!

Visualization is such a useful mental tool. It’s a life skill that can help you reach your goals and help you in just about any situation. So, I’m going to tell you one of the easiest ways to enhance your skill at visualizing.

The latest book I’ve been reading introduced me to a tool that I hadn’t considered before – hypnosis. If you’re anything like me, you are probably questioning whether hypnosis actually works. The first thing I thought was that it was some type of stage trick. I thought it was a gimmick that wasn’t really useful for personal development. It turns out that this was a misconception and I was entirely wrong.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Essentially it is a state where you are deeply relaxed yet highly focused. It’s actually this state that you are trying to achieve anytime you do creative visualization. If you can naturally focus and create mental imagery, then you’re in good shape. Otherwise, it’s worth trying these tools to help improve your practice.

Knowing self-hypnosis is one way to reach a deep focused state for visualization practice. By combining progressive muscle relaxation with affirmations you can improve your mental imagery. Learning how to do it properly can take some time.

After trying self-hypnosis and comparing it to hypnosis sessions given by a professional, I noticed a big difference. Even though self-hypnosis helps me to relax, I find that it’s difficult to do affirmations or visualization in that state. You really have to have a script prepared before hand. If you get too relaxed, then the session ends up just causing you to go to sleep.

If you are going to try self-hypnosis, then I recommend taking your time with it. Make sure you are fully prepared by writing a script or knowing what you plan to visualize before hand.

After trying a few professional hypnosis sessions I decided to use this tool regularly. It makes me feel much more relaxed than usual and I feel energized afterward. Meditation is a good way to deal with stress, but I find that hypnosis also alleviates physical tension. It can be beneficial to you if you’re having trouble with anxiety or you find that it’s tough to stay focused.

Below I describe some of the differences in the two types of hypnosis that I have used.

Comparison of Self-Hypnosis vs. Professional Hypnosis

Guided Hypnosis session

  • – You can download professional sessions online that are much cheaper than seeing a therapist
  • – Guided sessions bring you into a deeply relaxed and highly suggestible state
  • – Proven to be highly effective
  • – Finding a hypnotist that you enjoy listening to can be difficult
  • – The scripts aren’t always precisely what you expect


  • – Self-directed, you can use any affirmations or visualizations that you want
  • – FREE; the only cost is time invested in learning and practice
  • – While you’re in the state it can be tough to direct the visualization
  • – It takes time and practice to get good at this technique
  • – Not as relaxing as a guided hypnosis session

As you can see there are benefits and drawbacks to each type. I find that self-hypnosis is useful for a casual session. If you want to visualize before going to sleep, then self-hypnosis is an easy way to achieve this. However, it’s not the best during the day because you’re likely to just fall asleep.

On the other hand, I have found that a professional hypnosis session leaves me both relaxed and energized. The beauty of professional sessions, is that you can find them for just about anything you need. There are guided scripts to help you focus, to stop procrastination and of course to improve visualization.

I found a hypnotist that I really enjoy listening to, and that is Brennan Smith over at Natural Hypnosis. It’s funny because the session is almost conversational; it’s like you’re talking to a good friend.

Even if you think you cannot be hypnotized, I highly recommend checking out the free samples. I think you’ll be surprised. I tried them and then ended up picking up a few of the other sessions to help with focus and improving visualization. After listening to it only a couple of times I have already noticed a difference.

Please be aware that it is just like anything else. It requires you to be consistent. Don’t expect to listen to a session just once and have it change your life forever. Compared to other forms of therapy it has proven to be more effective in less time.

I encourage you to give hypnosis a try. It’s one of the best methods to help improve your visualization skills. It will also allow you to feel relaxed and energized like never before. Even if you are using visualization to lose weight, or get motivated to achieve goals, they have sessions that can help with that too. Whatever you decide to do, I hope that you’ll be able to take your creative visualization to the next level.

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