Visualization Training – Simple Visualization Exercise

This simple visualization exercise has a number of benefits:

  • Engages the right-hemisphere of the brain
  • Activates the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex
  • Enhances concentration and creativity

This simple exercise will help you develop the ability to see clear mental images. With a bit of practice creating mental images will become second nature.

We think in images all the time, but we are not always aware of it. This exercise will train your mind to focus on the images you want to create, rather than the ones that come automatically.

Although the exercise may seem simplistic, it is in fact quite powerful. The exercise is designed to give your mind the ability to concentrate deeply, with one point of focus. This method will also help improve retention of visual imagery if applied consistently.

To begin, choose a simple geometric shape, with a basic color. You can choose to imagine a red square, blue circle, green rectangle or whatever suits you. The image of a yellow triangle holds personal significance to me, so I use that shape as a focus for my exercise.

To get the most out of the visualization you can draw the colored shape on a piece of paper for reference. It’s good to have a clear picture to refresh the image in your memory.

blue square, yellow triangle, and red circle

Focusing solely on the geometric shape, try to imagine what it will be like to close your eyes and see the shape. It might not appear as a clear image at first, but that’s okay. The purpose of this exercise is to build your visualization circuits, much like a muscle. You start off small, then eventually you will be able to visualize images of greater complexity.

Just begin by staring at the image for 30 seconds, then close your eyes, and picture it in your mind’s eye for 30 seconds. Keep doing this until you get a strong image impression. Although you may not clearly see the image, you will get into a state of deep concentration. This state of concentration will help you develop complex visual imagery later on. It’s a good way to get the feeling for creating mental movies, or other altered states of consciousness.

To make the image appear vivid, I imagine the shape becoming energized. Creating a shape from nothing would require effort, but we can picture the shape appearing from a traced outline a bit more naturally. Begin to trace the outline of your shape with a spark of colored light. I like to imagine the spark of light going around the edge of the shape, causing it to fill in. Let the colored spark trace the edges of your shape repeatedly. This will help make the exercise a bit more engaging. Especially if you are not seeing the shape in detail this exercise may become boring to you quickly!


energized outline of yellow triangle

Another excellent benefit of this exercise is that you are actively using your imagination. The activity removes you from lower survival thought patterns to higher realms of creative thinking. Using the imagination is a higher order thinking process, which stimulates the amygdala. This stimulation affects connections throughout the pre-frontal cortex, and you might find that it puts you in a good mood too!

Once you are done with the basic visualization exercise, you might want to try creating a short mental movie. In this mental movie you can imagine yourself reaching a personal goal; such as learning a new skill or eliminating a bad habit. If you would like to understand more about visualization skills and their benefits, then you can check out this article here: Mental Imagery Goal achievement.


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