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Clear Mind Meditation Techniques

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How to be Happy - The secret of happiness

When you think about happiness, what are some phrases which come to mind? Finding happiness, pursuing happiness, or trying to be happy, are common terms many people use. If you take a close look at the language, you can see how we think about happiness.

We tend to think of happiness as a thing to be searched for. It always seems to be ahead of us, just beyond our grasp. Often we overlook the fact that it's our inner perspective which determines how we see our world. Are we so dependent on external circumstances, that we rely on them to set our moods? Is happiness dependent on a particular relationship, or possession? If it is, then you may want to examine your personal perspective. If your internal model forces you to rely on other people, or things, for your happiness then it may be time to make a change.

How is it possible to stop relying on external circumstances for happiness? There is no easy answer to this question. For that reason, it's a topic which will be explored at great length on this site.

Taking time to appreciate circumstances as they are, will certainly lead to inner contentment. It seems difficult at times to appreciate things when we are constantly comparing our life against some ideal. Advertising often plays on this sense of lacking to generate an emotional need for a product. Realizing the mental processes involved in this comparison will help you move beyond it.

The video below does an excellent job of describing how people create happiness in their lives. Research is discussed in the video, points to the fact that happiness is a choice, rather than a dependent emotional state. Please enjoy the presentation, so that the decision for happiness becomes a part of your life.


Clear Mind meditation techniques