Get more out of your meditation practice by using binaural beats

Want to take your meditation practice to a deeper level?

We’re all interested in improving our peace of mind, that’s why we meditate in the first place. The fast pace of today’s culture can hamper efforts to develop deep concentration. That’s why it’s smart to seek out ways to enhance your meditation practice.

If you have a hard time believing that an audio track can deepen your meditation, that’s understandable. I’m a skeptic by nature and I thought the idea of using binaural beats was…well…kind of silly.

That was until I did some research and actually tried them myself.

Imagine being able to turn your focus away from daily worries to quickly reach a state of peaceful relaxation. Much like guided imagery, these audio tracks guide your brain to a state of clear minded awareness.


Let’s be realistic though, these audio tracks are not a miracle quick fix. Combined with a regular meditation practice though, these audio tracks can give you a powerful boost. Here are some reasons that I use binaural beats during meditation.

  1. Binaural beats are scientifically proven to guide your brain into specific states
  2. Alleviates boredom that you may encounter with meditation practice
  3. Helps focus your mind on the rhythmic beats to eliminate distracting thoughts
  4. Listening to the audio can take you into deeper brain waves states than you might otherwise achieve
  5. Blocks out annoying background noises

I soon realized that listening to binaural beats helped my meditation sessions become effortless.

Using audio for meditation or religious practice has been around for quite some time. You’ll also find that it’s prevalent throughout a variety of cultures. The monks in Tibet chant to attain states of deep tranquiilty.

Check out this awesome example of the Tibetan Heart Sutra:

Binaural beats are a modern take on these ancient practices. I encourage you to use them to reach deeper states of concentration and enhance your meditation practice.

There’s plenty to learn about meditation and binaural beats. To understand more about brain waves states and mediation read more on this topic here: Brain waves and binaural beats


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