Relaxation Meditation – Guided Imagery Meditation

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This meditation technique is designed to help you achieve the relaxation response. We are going to use a guided visualization to induce a highly relaxed state of mind and body.

You can listen to this audio to help you go to sleep, or simply to refresh your mind/body during the day. Please find a relaxing position that you will be able to sit uninterrupted for the next 30 minutes.

I recommend using belly breathing to reduce the effects of the sympathetic nervous system. If you are not familiar with belly breathing, then you may want to take a moment to read the breathing techniques article.

Guided Relaxation Meditation

Please enjoy this guided meditation in a quiet comfortable place.
You can listen to the guided meditation by clicking the play button below:

The script for this meditation has been narrated by Tim Rowe.

Fluidscape music track provided by Kevin MacLeod (

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Meditation can provide a much needed break from the anxiety and stress of life. Through practice, most meditation techniques help you induce relaxation throughout the entire body.

Meditation produces a balancing effect on the nervous system known as the relaxation response. By meditating regularly at least 10-30 minutes a day, you are bringing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance.

The entire meditation script is provided below.

Get into a comfortable position. Relax your body so that your muscles are not tense, but you are not slumping over. You want to be in an alert and calm state. It’s best to keep your normal attentive meditation posture if you don’t want to fall asleep during this meditation, otherwise you can lay down.

Now we are going to begin by taking several deep breaths. Remember to focus on belly breathing and letting your mind relax. With these first few breaths, really allow yourself to forget the worries of the day. You are in a safe place where nothing can affect you. With each breath you take, imagine the air flowing into your Dan Tien , which is 3 finger widths below your navel, and 2 widths behind it.

We are going to use the healing and balancing power of green energy to draw stress out of the body. Start by visualizing a soothing green ball of light forming above your head. The energy begins to flow in waves and drip down all around you.The energy is light and moves slowly, transforming into an egg shaped cocoon surrounding your body. The green energy forms a healing and protective barrier around you for the duration of this meditation. It proceeds from the top of your head, and goes into the base of your feet.

  • Each time you inhale through the nose, you are pulling in green energy from this cocoon. Draw the green energy into your body, down into your Dan Tien. Feel the energy coursing through your body and removing stress and tension as you exhale.
  • As you take a breath imagine the energy flowing internally now. Hear the energy as it moves with rushing noises along with your breath. The energy is soothing and relaxing your muscles. As the green energy moves within the body it is pushing out any negative energy with each exhalation.

Now picture the energy flowing to the top of your head, then back through your lungs and finally outwards. As it moves in this pattern it is relaxing the muscles it touches. You can consciously direct this energy exactly where you choose. You are drawing from the vast energy that is now surrounding and flowing around you.

Each time you draw this energy in to your body, you feel more relaxed and in control of the energy. Now draw the energy through your lungs and to the front of your face. Feel the energy going over every muscle in the front of your face, loosening and relaxing all of the muscles. Feel it relaxing the forehead…now the eyes…into the cheeks and finally moving completely through the jaw. Releasing muscle tension completely. Now exhale and feel the tensions of the facial muscles leave the body.

The energy now flows through the breath, into the neck. The energy swirls and flows in a circular pattern around the entire neck. Feel it opening and easing the muscles in your neck allowing you to breath easier. Any tight muscles in the neck and throat area are now completely open and relaxed. Exhale, and feel the tension of the neck area leave the body.

Now inhale, and feel the energy fill all of the muscles in your shoulders, and chest. As the energy fills the muscles it relaxes them. Your shoulders should drop and the chest should remain still when breathing. You do not need to use these muscles to breath any more and can continue breathing gently in to the belly. The chest and shoulders will remain relaxed throughout the entire meditation now. Feel the energy work the area removing tension and relaxing the muscles. Exhale and feel all of the tensions in this area of the body leave with the breath.

As you inhale feel the energy trickling down into the arms. The energy fills your arms completely from the shoulders down to each finger. The energy moves down your bi-cep and tri-cep leaving the muscles feeling loose. It relaxes any tension in your elbow and your arms feel relaxed and healed. Any injuries you may have from sports or working on the computer are forgotten, as the energy removes pain and replaces it with a feeling of renewal. Your wrists relax, and each of your fingers are filled with this healing soothing energy. As you exhale the energy flows back up through the arms, carrying away any negative energy. It leaves the arms feeling clear, light and renewed.

Your stomach which has been gently moving to bring this energy into your body is relaxed by the constant flow of the breath. The moving muscles are relaxed and giving your inner organs a gentle massage which further relaxes you.

On your next breath the energy will flow deeper through your stomach and fill the entire pelvic area. The energy moves throughout your hips and relaxes all of the muscles and organs in the pelvis. The energy brings the entire area into a balanced state and removes any built up sexual tension. When you exhale, all of the tension in your hips and pelvis will leave the body, leaving behind a cool refreshed feeling.

With these last few breaths, you are going to pull energy deep down into your legs filling all of the muscles. The legs carry you throughout the day and build up a lot of tension, which will soon be gone. With each breath the energy begins to fill the legs, moving first into your thighs and proceeding down. As the energy moves through the leg allow the muscles to relax. The thighs and back of the leg are now limp with no tension. The energy now moves through the knees soothing any injuries and replacing it with a fresh healing sensation. The energy drips and flows down the back of the calf muscles and the front of your shins. It draws the tension down to the ground with it, and all of the tension is going to flow out of the bottom of your feet. The energy moves into your ankle now, and begins to fill the feet. You can begin to feel the muscles in your feet sooth and relax. The energy flows into each of the toes, and moves through the pads of your feet. It relaxes the arches and the heels while it removes all of the pain from walking around throughout the day.

As you, exhale the green energy drains out through your feet, returning into the cocoon. All of the tension is drained along with it. You are now surrounded by a completely refreshed cocoon of healing calming energy. With each breath it fills you more and more, continuing to relax and heal you as we continue the meditation.

If you choose to, we are going to continue with the meditation by going deep within. As you go deep within you are still in complete control of yourself and your energy. Even within, the energy is still surrounding you providing a relaxing and healing protective barrier.

  • Since you are now completely relaxed, you can forget about the body. Allow your consciousness to be focused completely into the inner world. Absorb yourself in the Dan Tien and allow the following imagery to unfold from there. Picture yourself within the cocoon safely watching all of the events unfold in the minds eye.

A circular ring of white of energy appears below you. This is an elevator into deeper consciousness and will bring you into a place of complete peace and resourcefulness. You control this elevator with your breath. As you inhale the white ring of energy shines and comes to life preparing to take you deep within your mind. Exhaling, the elevator gently lowers. You can feel the ground beneath you moving firmly and slowly. You are not in any danger. In fact you feel very safe and secure in the personal space you have created. Hear the gentle hum of the elevator and see the number 1 light above your head. Just below the number 1 you see the word “Relax” glowing a deep indigo.

Inhale deep into your belly and allow the green energy to continue to fill your body. You move lower into your mind, but are still very alert and aware. As you exhale, you pass the number 2 just above your head, and once again the word “Relax” glows just below the number in a deep indigo. You are feeling more relaxed and comfortable each time you see the glowing word.

The glowing ring of light continues to hum as you move deeper. It is solid and secure taking you where you would like to go. Inhaling now, growing the green energy within, you move lower still. Exhale, releasing any negative energy up and outwards. Now you see the number 3, again with the word “Relax”. The word “Relax” seems to be getting larger and more defined with each passing level.

Your next inhalation takes you lower still, deeper now than you have ever been. The green energy is stronger than before in your protective cocoon. You can feel it around you flowing, and remaining with you. The energy continues to grow inside as you breath, pushing out negative energy. As you exhale and see the number 4 above your head you see the word “Relax”, growing larger and more defined.

You are halfway there, and all of your negative energy will now be left behind. As you inhale and move deeper, the energy grows so much within you that you are completely filled. It pushes all of the negative energy out, and leaves it behind at the 4th level. Now exhaling, you pass the number 5 glowing right above the word “Relax”. The word “Relax” is now so defined that you can clearly see it in your minds eye without a problem. If you cannot see the word its okay, maybe you feel the words vibrations, or hear it repeating in your head. However you perceive the word “Relax” it is getting stronger and helping you.

With each breath now you are going to go deeper into your relaxed state. You have left all of your negativity behind, and can now focus on letting go. Let go of your cares and worries. None of them can bother you here in your personal space. Any noises you hear only serve to bring you deeper into your own space. They are very distant, and cannot interrupt your concentration.

Take a nice deep breath with your belly extending outwards. Your chest is relaxed and the air is going deep into your lungs without much effort. Now with this deep breath you move lower. Exhale, pushing all of the air out. You see the number 6 and again feel the word “Relax” throughout your entire body. You can see it and hear it growing stronger, helping you.

Take another nice deep breath. You move deeper still. As you exhale the number 7 is glowing above your head. Naturally the word “Relax” is still with you and it is going into every cell in your body. You see it, hear it and feel it move through you.

Take another deep breath, and move slowly down to the eighth level. You are now so relaxed that you are completely within your mind. There is no noise here from the outside world. Your physical body is safe and secure in the position you left it to rest. Though you are completely relaxed, you are still alert and aware of the powerful calm which is now a part of you. Now exhale and move past the number 8, seeing it above your head. You are now so completely relaxed that the word is within you, repeating gently and communicating to your subconscious.

Another deep breath takes you deeper into the lowest levels of your mind. Relax, exhale, and move past the number 9. There is nothing more you must do. You are so calm that you don’t need to react to anything or create anything. Everything is being created passively with complete ease.

Inhale slowly and deeply, moving now to the deepest level of consciousness you have ever been. You are now full of powerful, relaxing and healing energy which you can control in any way you like. Feel it move and carry your problems away. Watch as your body is healed and you feel like you did when you were younger. You feel alive, renewed and in control. As you exhale, you see the number 10 above your head, and you have arrived. You have arrived at your personal space of power and are ready to reveal it to yourself.

beautiful flowing river

image thanks to thombo2

When the door opens to your personal space of power. It can be whatever you desire. You shape it easily from within your mind. Drawing from old childhood memories of when you felt at ease and in control. You shape it with your vision, looking out and watching the mountains or beaches form.

As you prepare yourself to move into your personal space of power, the door slowly slides back. It reveals a hint of sunlight and begins to slide away. Revealing the landscape as you imagine it. A river flows from beneath the elevator. It trickles and jumps across a smoothed rock river bed. It flows off into the beautiful landscape, nourishing the trees. You step out and feel the cool water on your bare feet. The rocks are smooth and you feel grounded, like you cannot slip.

Here in your personal place of power you feel at peace. You don’t have a care in the world, and can be free to do whatever you like. For a moment though, just feel the water on your feet. Constantly flowing, taking your thoughts away with it. Now you can choose to go walk on the lush grass and feel it in between your toes and the pads of your feet. Or you can go relax in the shade of one of the many large trees. There is a clearing, which is perfect to go lay down and relax in the sun. You can see the sun rays piercing through the branches of the trees. The rays warm your skin as they fall gently over the body. A few clouds lazily pass by, cooling you when you need it. Remain here for as long as you like. Just feeling at one with nature, and not thinking about the outside world.

  • You have reclaimed your mental space and can bring this feeling back with you. Your mind is at one with your body, and you can choose to bring this with you throughout the day. Your personal space is there when you need it, and can be accessed in times of need. Nothing can harm you when you are here, and no one can come into your personal space of power without you letting them.

Now when you want to go back, when you are ready take care of your friends and family you can. Choose to step back into the river, and walk back towards the elevator. it will take you back at your own pace. Slowly with each breath it will bring you back towards waking awareness.

  • The door of the elevator slides back and you step in at the lowest level. On the floor you can see the ring of white energy around you. Your energy and peace are still with you. The energy begins to hum around you and you see the number 10 light above your head as you inhale. Exhale and move closer to waking awareness. Now you can see the number 9 above your head and feel slightly more awake and alert. As you exhale it takes you firmly and gradually towards waking awareness.
  • You can see the number 8 above your head and some faint blue words. It says “Awake and Alert” just below the number 8. As you exhale, you move past the words going up further still.
  • Now inhaling you can see the number 7, and the words “Awake and Alert” glowing radiantly. The cool blue light of the words makes you feel focused and aware. Exhale and move gradually closer to waking.
  • As you inhale you see the number 6 above your head, again with the words “Awake and Alert”. The green energy around you begins to turn a cool blue, and it invigorates your mind and body. You can feel it cooling you and bringing your mind into complete focus.
  • Inhale deeply, pulling some of the cool blue energy into the Dan Tien. The energy circulates through your body, and you see the number 5 above your head. The words “Awake and Alert” are larger now, and you can see them growing more defined. Maybe you hear them repeating faintly in your mind, or feel their vibrations moving through you. Exhale, and move higher still, past the number and words.
  • Breath fully into your Dan Tien, pulling more cooling blue energy through your body. The energy is circulating through your head now, and you feel its effects. You see the number 4 above your head and the words “Awake and Alert”. it brings you to a more alert focused state as the words reverberate through you. Now exhale, move past the number and words, to a more awakened state.
  • Breathing deep into your Dan Tien using your belly breath technique, you pull the cooling blue energy throughout the entire body. You feel invigorated yet still calm. As the number 3 lights up, and you see the words “Awake and Alert” you begin to feel it through your entire body and mind. Still peacefully, you choose to move further into an awakened state with this exhalation.
  • Inhaling now with a nearly awakened focus, you faintly see the number 2 above your head. You know that you are nearly full awake and alert, but choose to remain within your personal energy cocoon, absorbing it into your body. You let the words “Awake and Alert” move through your body and mind in whatever way you choose. You see them clearly defined, you feel their energy and hear them repeating in the cells of your body. Now, exhale and move closer to waking consciousness, carrying your peace and energy with you.
  • As you inhale, the energy is under your complete control. You use it to bring clarity into your mind, and energy into your actions. You see the number 1, with the words “Awake and Alert” which are now fully within you. Open your eyes, and exhale. All of your worries have been forgotten. Your mind is focused and you are now completely in control in the awakened state. The energy you have brought with you still circulates within your body, bringing you calm and focus throughout your day. Recall for just a moment, the youthful happiness which you reclaimed in your personal space of power.

You can use this feeling to remind yourself throughout the day that you are in complete control. The feeling will instantly come to you in times of need. You cannot forget it, because it has become a part of you now.

By now you should feel very relaxed, focused and ready to conquer your day. Take a moment to sit and enjoy this feeling, knowing you can come back to it whenever you want to. Last but not least, don’t forget to smile, and enjoy your day!

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