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Review: The New Psycho-Cybernetics

My copy of Psycho-Cybernetics


That's my copy of 'The New Psycho-Cybernetics' sitting next to my laptop. It was about two weeks ago that I was reading it, and thought - "If I had to choose only one book in my library to carry with me, it HAS to be this one".

This is my second or third time reading through the book. What made me think that it was THE book to keep, was how helpful it is. Every chapter is directly applicable to taking control of a particular area in life.


Learn how to effectively use your most important tool - your mind.


No matter what it is you hope to accomplish in life, it all starts in one place. The ideas you have about what it is you want, will determine whether or not you succeed. Your emotional, intellectual and physical make up, all contribute to your current circumstances. The ability to take control of this moment, is what will lead you to create the circumstances you desire. Every aspect of your internal mental framework is covered in this book!

What is Psycho-Cybernetics?

Considered to be the 'Original Science of Self-Improvement', Psycho-Cybernetics is a complete system for self-guided change. This book contains over 30 prescriptions and exercises, to help you put this system to work in your life.

Covered in this system of self-improvement

  • - The Self-Image - how to recreate the way you see yourself
  • - Awakening the Automatic Success Mechanism
  • - Imagination - The key to Success
  • - Removing false-beliefs
  • - Using rational thinking
  • - Relaxation
  • - Habits of happiness
  • - Creating a success-type personality
  • - Removing emotional scars
  • - Remembering your True-self
  • - Making negative emotions work for you
  • - A number of example success stories to ignite your motivation

Why is this book different from any other self-help book?

Did I already mention that it covers every aspect of your mental framework?

Other books give helpful advice. This book teaches you how to integrate powerful methods for achievement into your life.

If you're already succesful, you will still learn something from this book. The exercises helped me create focus in my business venture, and gave me insight into my personal relationships. I really believe that any person going through a transition period in their life, can use this highly targeted and effective system to help them. It will show you the most effective way to handle your emotions, as well as create the framework you need, to move forward with confidence.

Purchase New Psycho-Cybernetics to begin using this amazing system in your life.


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